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So next year I’m webmaster for Zephyrus, the school news paper. The current site was designed by Tom Lany, and is located at Its a nice basic site with good design and its easy enough to navigate. Next year, however, I’d like to start creating my own new theme for the site .. maybe more updated and such. I’ve started very BASIC work on this new site, and I did that by creating an HTML edition of some of the theme. Its a totally dead page (except the weather, which is live), but if you’re interested, its here. I did it by hand, not with dreamweaver, so it all must be re done at some point, which is fine since thats only an HTML file anyway with no CSS and such … needed for the navigation bar that will go on top. Let me know what you think .. I know its not perfect *far from*, so not too harsh, but I’d love to hear from anyone.

Embedding Audio … aka. Test

Grapevine Fires, Death Cab for Cutie

So here I’m testing to see if it embeds or just links.

Coming soon … Graphic Changes

Ya, I didn’t even finish the first version of the site, but I totally recreated all the graphics to a MUCH better style. Tell me what you think in comments, because some of this stuff might be modified to fit that icon set thats still on its way.. I promise ;)

before the first was done

Lots of Private Posts

Hey, I don’t know if there is anyone that reads here or not, but I just thought I’d let anyone know that most of my posts are going to become private. There is no real reason beyond that I want to keep track of traffic without the hassle I currently have. To see private posts, simply make an account. NOTHING YOU ENTER TO INFORMATION WILL BE SHARED!!! There is no reason not to register, so do it!


Testing some of the 2.5.1 features

So I just got around to updating my WordPress blog to version 2.5.1 from 2.2.1. There are a TON of changes in back here… and I wanna see how some of them work in front. There are a lot of new options in range of embedding things into my posts and I’d love feedback from anyone who reads this .. and i mean everyone :P . I’m gonna insert some audio and video on this post .. and I’ll think about images at a later time. ***there are NO attached files right now . . my own blog has a file size limit that i need to change. my own blog on my private server. wtf. ***



For those of you who know, my macbook’s screen has been broken since .. well .. I think maybe December or November of ’07. Finally, as of last night, my screen is 100% fixed!!  Finally, I can get back to normal work speeds and begin using Ps again. 

Last Saturday’s Game (hockey)

Well .. again, it’s been a while since a post, so i figured I could mention going to the Hornets Hockey Game last Saturday. So I went with CJ and Alice. CJ had box seats. It’s kinda funny … but my first time going to the Excel center was on Friday, with the band, and then to come back the next day to the Exec. Suites… a little difference. The had good seats, tho, because we were right in the front watching the peoples play and slam into the wall.

So even though we lost on Saturday, I still had fun and I took a couple pictures. I don’t feel like (nor can I right now) importing the pictures from my camera to the comptuer, but I can post the one picture I took on my phone … and I will.

On friday, Edina won 5 to 4 in over time… and on saturday, Edina lost 3 to 0. Friday’s game had a higher attendence by something close to a thousand people. Friday’s attendence of 19,000 something also happened to be the record for a Hockey Game attendence in the state of Minnesota. Fun.

Pic from box : photo1.jpg

It’s been a while …

So I thought I should make something new. This is just the start of what I hope will become a new website. I’m hoping to make things look really cool .. and this is similar to the style I’m looking for. I don’t think I have the colors right either, so please feel free to comment and submit other color ideas.


and a sample image if you don’t wanna click the link:glossybutton1.png

Post 7A


Luminescence(343):The emission of light by a substance that has not been heated, as in fluorescence and phosphorescence.

Prelude(349):An action or event serving as an introduction to something more important


Irony: How ironic. Spider has an army of spiders *to fight Tiger with*.

Irony: When Charlie went to dinner at his hotel… Daisy *who Charlie had no idea was there at all* happened to be there before they opened, too.

Symbolic: The way Spider reacts to his to tongue being gone is symbolic of a story that was told earlier in the book of this god who had to grow a liver everyday because his liver was taken everyday.



“I fixed things, for us, I think. I’m not really sure. . . .”

The significance of this quote is that it is near the end, where Charlie was able to save himself and Spider by singing a song he made on the spot about all that had happened. Spider was standing there waiting to die … but instead found himself completely safe. Just before this quote, Spider had said “What was happening at the end? I could feel you doing something, but I couldn’t really tell what it was..”. This is where Charlie had somehow managed to make Tiger go back to his cave and that seems to be what Spider could feel *the energy*.

Post 7B

My response to the end of the book.  

My final response to the end of this book is wow. I loved this book and i didn’t see so many of the things that happened coming. I can’t talk too much about what happened because i would be very capable of wrecking the end. One of the things that continues to surprise me through all of Neil’s books is his level of detail that can even become frightening at some points. When Spider had his tongue cut out… the entire room was well described as well as Spider chained and bleeding *which was described in MUCH greater detail… but this is pg*. Charlie and Daisy end up together … but im not saying how. In fact, things have changed enough by the end that Charlie even helps save Rosie’s dying mother. Tiger doesn’t win, of course, but Anansi’s blood line does. I really think this is a book well worth reading for fun or any reason at all.

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