More Game Development….Forums Gone Stale?

I’m still working on the os X game available for free download at…and have decided that once I reach 8 levels I will no longer update the free version, but wait until the $6 full version (with 15 levels) is introduced. Hurry and get a copy while they are still the most current and free!  

On another note, my forums have kinda stopped moving. I would really like people to signup…because it’s free and there is no reason not to just post a few things. You can sign up at . Invite friends and get them to post and you can earn special abilities (such as the ability to make polls).

Dead links

The About and Archive links at the top of this page are dead. I’ll edit the HTML of this theme over the weekend to point them to the pages. Thanks for the patience on my blog under construction!

Homework: Write a post for your blog.

What I need to do: On your blog, post a thoughtful, written response to these two questions (be sure an address why you answered the way you did):
—-The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is …
—-One goal for myself in my sophomore year is …

1. The thing I am most anxious at Edina High School is the new schedule style. Gone are the A/B days where you had 2 days to complete your homework. Although many dislike the A/B thing (because they would get A and B days mixed up), I really liked it because it gave less homework for a night. Hopefully though, we won’t have too terrible amounts of Homework this year…

2. One goal for myself in my sophomore year is to establish a way of doing things. Currently I’m kinda disorganized about the order in which to do my work for school and work for $, but I think I will try to figure all of this out this year (I’ll have to…).


I guess I was ahead?

For English 10, we have been asked to create a blog (no myspace and such allowed). I made this blog 2 weeks ago (or so). I guess this is going to stay, now that I am using it for a class! 


I have finally found a theme I like until I complete the one I’m creating!! 

Gaming development!!

I have decided to join Jon Bjorlie to create PC and Mac games! We’re off to a great start so far, and I’ve even made a Mac os X demo game. You can download it from our site, . 

Know how to code for PC games? Feel free to apply, too!

I figured out how to make a sub-domain!!

 Yay!! I finally figured out what I did wrong, so now I can leave FreeWebSpace for good! All power to my server!!


About Me:

Name: Matt Norris

City: Edina

State: MN

Job: MNTcomputers Technician/President

Reason for blog: I’m writing this blog to keep track of things I do. I tend to forget alot, so it won’t be uncommon to see my homework listed here once school starts. I’m going into 10th grade at EHS, so this blog might become a bit cluttered at times. Feel free to comment on my blog…but know it will be monitored and will be changing themes and code often.


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I am Matt. I do as much as possible. I'm always busy, but that's how I like it and hate it. My goal is to be the best.