My response to the end of the book.  

My final response to the end of this book is wow. I loved this book and i didn’t see so many of the things that happened coming. I can’t talk too much about what happened because i would be very capable of wrecking the end. One of the things that continues to surprise me through all of Neil’s books is his level of detail that can even become frightening at some points. When Spider had his tongue cut out… the entire room was well described as well as Spider chained and bleeding *which was described in MUCH greater detail… but this is pg*. Charlie and Daisy end up together … but im not saying how. In fact, things have changed enough by the end that Charlie even helps save Rosie’s dying mother. Tiger doesn’t win, of course, but Anansi’s blood line does. I really think this is a book well worth reading for fun or any reason at all.