Bleat(294):Make a characteristic wavering cry

Duppy(288):A malevolent spirit or ghost.

Personification:The earth sat silent and still.

Irony:It’s really ironic that Rosie and her mother happen to be staying on St. Andrews in the exact spot of Coats. Not only that, but they happen to see him and then he invites them in to his mansion.

Symbolic: When Anansi meets Maeve while taking a walk from his grave, he talks to her and then begins to ask her to dance. She tells him she’s a married woman .. and he says “to death do us part” aka. not anymore. This is symbolic of Anansi’s usual wittiness.


“I’m getting too old for this shi*”(276).

The significance of this quote is in where it was said. Daisy wanted to catch Coats. She wanted to make it more personal than it was, because she had an idea of what had gone on with him (framing Charlie), and there was nothing she was allowed to do because it was known that he was out of the country under a fake name with difficult to trace accounts. Daisy had thought about saying this all day, however it wasn’t until she was told she didn’t have any holiday time left (that she would have used to fly to the location of Coats) that she actually decided to say it. After saying it, she then said she was going to catch a crook.