Top 10 things you should know about Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman:

1. Anansi is clever. Anansi earned stories from Tiger. The stories he earned became his, and made the world begin to think in new ways. Anansi is also very witty and tricky. He plays tricks on all of the gods and many more humans. In the stories, Anansi takes many forms, but in the stories where he tricks Tiger, he is his normal form of a spider.

2. Everyone hates Anansi’s bloodline. Although most of the creatures that know him do not know his sons … they are considered just as problematic as Anansi and thus hated just as much. In fact, they are hated to the point where most of them wouldn’t talk to Charlie. They hate Anansi too much.

3. Don’t trust Grahame Coats. Grahame Coats is a liar, thief and murderer. Grahame Coats is the type of person who has very little guide as to what is right or wrong, and he has no guide as how to accept blame. Grahame Coats will sell out his own family and all of his friends long before he will accept any type of blame or responsibility.

4. Spider is … Spider. If anyone else was like Spider, the world would suck. In this book you need to know that Spider is really the start of all problems. If Charlie had never contacted Spider to tell him that their father died, then Charlie would be marrying Rosie, still with a job, and his boss might not yet be a murderer. Instead, Rosie ends up taking a cruse with her evil mother and loosing everything she had for love outside her mother… and Charlie ends up in jail for a day while being attacked by birds.

5. Rosie’s mother. She is someone that you need to know is always determined to be right. She never liked Charlie… and she was determined to make him look bad or to find something wrong with him. The whole thing with Spider was a perfect chance for that to happen. For some reason … she is also determined to find things wrong and ruin stuff… but again, only until things change at the end.

6. Daisy is important. Not only does Daisy give Rosie’s mother reason to hate Charlie … but she also arrests him. Daisy later plays several important roles that also lead to the eventual capture of Coats. Ya, true, these are bad things … but in the end she ends up being very important to everything …. and especially to Charlie.

7. Tiger is mean. You don’t want to anger tiger unless you already have a plan to keep him from biting your head off *which he will literally do*. Most creatures that make him angry or annoyed even the slightest bit end up dead. This isn’t true with Anansi, of course .. and neither is it with his sons.

8. This book takes every possible turn. Yes, it seems that it focuses around the center theme of Charlie, but it changes the direction it’s taking completely several times throughout the book. It might be even worth saying not to try to figure out where it will end because it is a very different place than where the book starts, and very different from half way in, too.

9. This is a book you won’t want to put down. After the first 50 pages or so, the book picks up the pace and you won’t want to put it down. It’s kinda weird how it does that .. but it gets to be hard to just pick a point and stop *yes, even at the chapter marks*.

10. This is a book well worth reading. If you need to pick a *just short of* 400 page book from within the last couple years … this is the one. This book takes normal people and mixes them with gods. Charlie had a normal life until Spider. Spider changed everything. Weather Spider is a good or bad thing in Charlie’s life is still for you to decide, and I’m not going to post any spoilers here :P .