My response to the book at this point is something along the lines of *i didn’t see that coming . . .*. Someone probably saw this coming, but i didn’t see it that Fat Charlie would be looking for his dead? father. Fat Charlie didn’t like his dad much, and he was the one who buried him .. but it was his brother that suggested that their father *Anansi* might be playing a trick on him. The reason that his brother thinks that is because Anansi is a spider that played tricks on everyone and they all hated him for it. This wouldn’t be the first time he’d have played dead. Every now and then the book tells an Anansi story *an example is the tar baby*. One of the stories they told involved Anansi ‘dying’ and being burried only to come out of his grave in the night and steal food … then run off and steal again the next night. If he’s playing dead .. it’s just for kicks *also something he’d do*. I really have no idea where this is going to go next … but my final reaction to this point is that this is a great book and it hasn’t hit it’s climax yet.