Response through page 211: 

Fat Charlie is trying to get rid of his brother. Who wouldn’t? So far Spider has taken his girlfriend (who thinks that spider is fat charlie), had him investigated by the police, taken over his apartment, and taken everything Fat Charlie really has had. Fat Charlie is now on his quest to get rid of his annoying brother, but he now finds that he can’t just have the old neighbors do it. So now he is on a completely unexpected journey to find someone who will help him in this other land he was sent to. Anansi seems to have played more than his fair share of tricks, because no one wants to help Fat Charlie for being a son of him. Her is my first question: where is he??? They say he is looking down at everything, so he must be in the sky?? And after that, who are these characters that he is talking to? There is an elephant, a snake, a little short guy, some woman … are these all people from some of the Anansi stories? Maybe it’s irrelevant, but this entire section made me kinda lost as to where he was looking for his help. A little later on, Spider is with Rosie (Fat Charlie’s fiancée) at her mother’s flat. Somehow, Spider’s charm isn’t working as well as it should, because Rosie’s mother still doesn’t like him and is sure that something is going on. Rosie’s mother is incredibly stubborn, but what’s really happening is that Fat Charlie’s luck is beginning to change. He got moved to first class on an overbooked flight, and then had it happen a second time. Since normally Fat Charlie would have just been taken off the flight or something, he suddenly has become more lucky and can feel it. This is all from the people he visited in the sky place.