Last weekend I made a nice round to a guy who sells Vault 12-paks at a good price… and I ended up with 10 of them (+1 diet cherry coke). Here’s a picture:

What else …. I got to start a 1995 computer (see below pics), learn how to disassemble and reassemble a Nintendo DS in need of repair (see pics), and clean (no pics of that!).
Some of these pictures are kinda odd… and I really wish I had taken more of the DS once it was fully apart.
img_0079.JPG img_0081.JPG img_0077.JPG

For what it’s worth, that computer isn’t made by Apple, but Motorola (yes, the cell phone company). The computer is a moderately rare “motorola mac” which were like PCs in the way that Apple allowed many companies to build Macs for a while.