Little moments, specifically those times you should stop talking, can really be a problem if you don’t follow your first instinct to stop talking in an ever-increasing set of moments. Personally, I tend to dig way further down the hole than I even realize, only to notice moments later that I’m so deep I can’t even see daylight again.

Recently, I’ve been thinking I should probably stop digging holes which go other directions, and instead start the much more difficult task of trying to climb back upwards through a narrow channel of dirt. I don’t care for confrontation I know will hurt someone’s feelings, and quite often will avoid it all together by accident. No, not really. It isn’t an accident. It’s just easier that way. The problem arises when these events build, and build, and build, until they’re suddenly too much to bear. . . and now I’m faced with confrontation which must occur. In the early days of this relationship to any individual, these little things along the way would be small bumps and pains as part of a growing relationship; but now they’ve built to the point where exposing them all at once means I must climb for my life, as well as send someone off with a light stick of dynamite they never saw coming.

Now, this all said, this sort of piled on confrontation has become something I’ve faced a multitude of times in the recent past. The most difficult of these have been two people who had been very close to me; one which I will continue to keep at a specific distance (not too close, but not far away by any means), and another who unfortunately will not likely follow suite. It happens, and I guess it’s all just part of learning how life (and people) work.