Sometimes life throws curves at us. Actually, it likes to do that on a daily basis. Perhaps out of enjoyment to see how we handle things, or perhaps as tests to verify how we can take care of our persons; but regardless, this does happen. Today I stand humbled by my own misdoings in life, and my own failures at becoming what I want to become in a timely manner; and I see that I have but a small fork in the road to make a choice. This time I know what to choose. It’s time to stand alone… to stand up… to stand out. I haven’t exactly understood what implications this will have; solely that it is the correct route to take. By all means, this isn’t the first time someone’s decided they need to be alone in order to accomplish anything, no– but this isn’t just a decision. This is a realization. I can no longer stand on things unsound. I need to rebuild my base from the ground up, as an individual, as myself, and I trust that with the help of God, I’ll make the correct choices in structural design. My friends and family will of course be there, but they will not drag me along on my adventure. This is mine to accomplish, and only when I fear the worst will I need their assistance to lift the greater weights.

I know this will be difficult, but I know it will be worth while. It’s time. It is time for me to complete old tasks, solve old problems, and prepare to start anew. With that I bid adieux to the past; and farewell to things undone.