I don’t often write on my blog, no. I understand that a social ‘norm’ these days would be to post each and every random thing that either crosses my mind when I’m bored or to post my own little blurbs over and over (365 project that never happened aside). I can’t do that.

No, actually, it isn’t at all that I can’t. I won’t. I’d like to keep my blog a place of sanity and discovery, ready for only things I care about or feel are ready for the world, and that’s actually why this post has come to be.

It’s recently come to my attention that the people who “don’t care” are the people who commit to illegal acts, the people who refuse to listen to rules many of us try hard to follow, and refuse to listen to anyone but themselves. Because they don’t care. In fact, they care so little, they care greatly that you stop caring too. Why? Because they can feel more accepted that way.

I for one disagree. I do care. I want to help as many individuals that I’m able to, and I’d like to do my best in participating in as many opportunities that I can. I’d like to help others trying to learn succeed, and I’d like to learn more from my peers than I could ever learn from myself. I do not believe that my creativity will be magical by the use of substances, and I think those who feel thats the only way to “beat the system” and “get to the top” are the ones who deserve nothing. Period.

That said, let’s talk about the one thing I don’t care about: that artist who’s amazing but has budding addictions feeling its how to make their art better. I do not care for you. You’re not helping society, you’re harming it. Your work is not better because you used a chemical to alter your brains interpretations of the world. Your work is the best when you are your best. As is. Candid. The one, the only: you.

I know there is a large audience that will disagree with me. I understand completely. But please, give it a try. If you feel like your work is only good because of the things you use, try something different. Create with just yourself, and expand. Maybe you won’t think it’s good. Maybe you’re too critical. Maybe all that’s happening with some of your works is your mind has itself altered to thing something that would be “good enough” is now your personal best. But it’s not. Your work hasn’t changed, just your perception.