Well… I updated my forums to the latest version, phpBB3 release candidate 7, and ended up having my entire forum die. You can see the types of errors you get if you want by going to the old url [mntcomputers.com/forums2.0] … but after all of my attempts to use my backups I just can’t get them back to where they were **sniff**. I’ll be giving more efforts still when our shortened week ends, but for now I have created the new forums which I will do nothing to until all hope is lost for The Forums. Feel free to see the RC7 version of my empty forums at [forums.mntcomputers.com]. 

Another thing to note is that my forums share what’s called a mySQL database with this blog. While I could have made a seperate database for the forums, I didn’t know how when I created them…so I’m stuck sharing one. Since I will be doing a lot of database tinkering in that area, don’t be surprised to see my blog go down for a couple of days unnoticed.

[UPADTE!!] Good news!! I am still having major trouble with my link, but I have gotten as far as to see the old index page and topics! [http://www.forums.mntcomputers.com/index.php] is where you can see it… and no, simply typing the url without index.php doesn’t work right now.