I don’t know why, but more and more I feel like I’m fed up with the same old stuff from school — kids that don’t get to their work, teachers assigning homework that, in all honesty, has no point except to just give something, the mis-weighting of grades. I don’t get it. Perhaps its because I’m of a select few that have already figured out other means of coping in the world, that have had a taste of success that is beyond the next McDonalds, but in any scenario, why must I go through the same motions as the kid who can’t get any kind of job? Isn’t there some way to get out of this? Well, this year is coming to a wrap anyways, and next year I should be in a couple more of those “select” classes– passing with more than required credits for most classes. yay me. How about lettering in band.. ? I wanna do that =\… but it looks like it will be one more year yet until I get there.Latest work is still that of Belle Reve Boutique ( http://www.bellereveboutique.com ) which I’m waiting for to be taken over by a new designer / master for ecommerce, and then Lili salon ( salonlili.com ) , vague random stuff along the way, and finally I’ll be getting to a few new clients as well as continuing with Lili this summer. If you’re interested, stay tuned! other wise just .. I dunno . . go do something!