I think its been a pretty long time . . . months . . . since I last posted to my blog. Those of you who read this might follow my twitter feed too and would see a similar pattern.

So where have I been? Lost? No, no . . School? Only half the time. . . Band? I wish . . Web design? You got it!

This year has been primarily dominated by by web design efforts, school work, and of course, band + diving. So what will you hear about on my blog? Maybe school in the new future, but until then, web design and business.

I’m currently planning the launch of a new company to take over for MNT (yes, thats right, a new company that is based off business features instead of just consumer electronics repair), and that means new web sites, titles, people and more. I won’t start detailing this stuff until its real, but just in case, stay tuned!
Next off is the more technical and intersting stuff. My personal web design world of 2008 – 2009 school year. I’ve spent most of my time modifying themes for zephyrus [ zephyrusnews.com ], designing and updating bellereveboutique.com, and finally DWAReporting.com .

For those of you too lazy to click on the links (or copy paste .. I don’t know how they’ll come up at the moment), here’s a quick over view: Zephyrus is the school newspaper. Belle reve is a new boutique in Minneapolis, Minnesota… and Diane M. Wright and associates is a court reporting firm’s website. Of course, none of this is to leave out Lili Salon, which is about to go through some major face lifting, I hear. Personal website? I think thats coming with the new company– of course I’ll be doing the code, for the most part. Its the logos and such that are all done by new members of the group.

Well, that about sums it all up for now. Till next time,