So now that school’s started for real, I thought I’d give a few updates on design and whats happening with school and a few of my friends.

First off, Lili [[ ]] and I are working on a sort of promo video, or introduction video to be used at a short event and perhaps many future things to come. After that, there is the new products page that was launched a couple weeks ago, and a few other minor tweaks here and there.
Now that brings me to my other projects. Midtex General is currently in a state of nearing final beta, and then it will be launched as a full company site and order form system, including an admin mailer and a receipt mailer. Of course this is requiring me to pickup on PHP.
Next off is Belle Reve Boutique []. This site is in the middle of having its content filled now that the theming is done, and you can see the very basic parts of the theme at that URL listed above.

Second on my list, I have school. School is chaos. Much homework to do while keeping up with business… but I seem to be doing ok. Zephyrus is my school web project that will be launching for the first time since last year on October third, and another link will be provided on that date, presuming I’m done.

Finally this brings me to that “more” section I mentioned. I’ve gotten a chance to meet a few really cool sophomores. One of which I’ve known for a very long time, but haven’t been connected for a while, and another that is on drum line which I don’t know well but seems to be a pretty cool person. Homework this year is about to go off the wall, but that’s something for me to complain about at a later date, hmm?

So that concludes my intro of this year’s life. By the time I’ve figured it all out, everything is going to change again for the diving season, but more on that when it happens. . . and besides: by that time, Belle Reve and Midtex will be done, and Zephyrus will be completed during school, while I can visit Lili for updates on trends on saturdays.

Thanks for reading,