So next year I’m webmaster for Zephyrus, the school news paper. The current site was designed by Tom Lany, and is located at Its a nice basic site with good design and its easy enough to navigate. Next year, however, I’d like to start creating my own new theme for the site .. maybe more updated and such. I’ve started very BASIC work on this new site, and I did that by creating an HTML edition of some of the theme. Its a totally dead page (except the weather, which is live), but if you’re interested, its here. I did it by hand, not with dreamweaver, so it all must be re done at some point, which is fine since thats only an HTML file anyway with no CSS and such … needed for the navigation bar that will go on top. Let me know what you think .. I know its not perfect *far from*, so not too harsh, but I’d love to hear from anyone.