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English “This I believe” Questions

2. By Andy Blowers Chico
3. The Person I’m Supposed To Be
4. Strength, empathy, and bravery are more essential than our personal comfort.
5. a. “But when the dark does come, I’ll stand up and breathe deeply, knowing I’m becoming the person I’m supposed to be.”
b. “When I look in the mirror, this is the essay looking back.”
6. I believe the purpose of suffering is to strengthen us and help us understand the suffering of others.

Homework: Write a post for your blog.

What I need to do: On your blog, post a thoughtful, written response to these two questions (be sure an address why you answered the way you did):
—-The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is …
—-One goal for myself in my sophomore year is …

1. The thing I am most anxious at Edina High School is the new schedule style. Gone are the A/B days where you had 2 days to complete your homework. Although many dislike the A/B thing (because they would get A and B days mixed up), I really liked it because it gave less homework for a night. Hopefully though, we won’t have too terrible amounts of Homework this year…

2. One goal for myself in my sophomore year is to establish a way of doing things. Currently I’m kinda disorganized about the order in which to do my work for school and work for $, but I think I will try to figure all of this out this year (I’ll have to…).


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