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More Forum Construction…Finally Getting Results!!

Well… now that it’s been about a week without my forums being available I’ve finally seen results!! I was able to sucessfully restore 99% of the forums to the previous state..and the only things missing are avatars and the RC7 update (you know, the one that caused all of this is the first place)! Today, before I do more homework, I will try installing the update AGAIN. If this doesn’t work, I still have my backup, but it might be a while before I have the time to do real work again.

You can view The Forums at [] … and you can view progress updates here.
Thanks for support and such,

Things getting behind…

Well…I guess I’m starting to really get behind on my outside of school work. My icon set hasn’t made progress for a week, my forums are permanently doomed (well…), my tip of the week on Home.MNT is missing this week’s tip (not sure what to do yet), and now I can’t find the mistake I made in version 1.5 of Attack of the Snowmen (nor can I think of a better name yet)!! Anyone with ideas on how to fix my databases is welcome to comment, but I doubt anyone reading will have ideas on this. 

End of The Forums… For Now…

Well… I updated my forums to the latest version, phpBB3 release candidate 7, and ended up having my entire forum die. You can see the types of errors you get if you want by going to the old url [] … but after all of my attempts to use my backups I just can’t get them back to where they were **sniff**. I’ll be giving more efforts still when our shortened week ends, but for now I have created the new forums which I will do nothing to until all hope is lost for The Forums. Feel free to see the RC7 version of my empty forums at []. 

Another thing to note is that my forums share what’s called a mySQL database with this blog. While I could have made a seperate database for the forums, I didn’t know how when I created them…so I’m stuck sharing one. Since I will be doing a lot of database tinkering in that area, don’t be surprised to see my blog go down for a couple of days unnoticed.

[UPADTE!!] Good news!! I am still having major trouble with my link, but I have gotten as far as to see the old index page and topics! [] is where you can see it… and no, simply typing the url without index.php doesn’t work right now.

Ongoing Developments on Site and Game!

Well… it’s been a couple of weeks since I last updated Attack of the Snowmen Demo…but I’m pleased to say that I have level 7 nearly complete. When I release the next version, it will be version 1.5.2 instead of 1.4 … this is because I will be changing other levels to reflect what the final levels will look like. I still need feedback to keep improving the game and sound!! 

Interested in programing for the PC or Mac with us? Contact us!! []

Website changes!

I’m in the process of updating all of my prices and specs, so hold on if your planing on buying from me! Also, I have added a new page to my main site and updated the welcome page if you have the time to look at it!

Game updates…new icon!!

NOTE!! This message has a modified time stamp!! Actual post date: Thursday, September 20th, 2007.

My game in progress, which is being created for Jon Bjorlie Productions, has been updated to version 1.3c, now complete with an installer and a whole now icon!! I decided that I wanted to change the icon, but couldn’t find what I wanted, so I made one that I think looks great (though I do have to change it already…). I attached the icon to this post so you can see it. To download my free demo, go to and select demos! Hurry though, because when I hit version 1.5 I will stop updating the demos, period!**note: this is a mac os X game**

MNT/JBP Demo Game Version 1.2 Available for Download!

I’ve posted the link before, so just scroll a bit and you’ll find it…but the newest version is now available!

This version includes an all-new level 5 and a package installer so you just have to click continue to install (instead of going through the dragging process to put it in you apps folder)! **NOTE** As I have entered in a contest for some free high-quality icons, I need to keep that post first for a while…so this post IS BACKDATED!!
ACTUALL UPDATE TIME: 11:11PM 9.12.07 .

More Game Development….Forums Gone Stale?

I’m still working on the os X game available for free download at…and have decided that once I reach 8 levels I will no longer update the free version, but wait until the $6 full version (with 15 levels) is introduced. Hurry and get a copy while they are still the most current and free!  

On another note, my forums have kinda stopped moving. I would really like people to signup…because it’s free and there is no reason not to just post a few things. You can sign up at . Invite friends and get them to post and you can earn special abilities (such as the ability to make polls).


I have finally found a theme I like until I complete the one I’m creating!! 

Gaming development!!

I have decided to join Jon Bjorlie to create PC and Mac games! We’re off to a great start so far, and I’ve even made a Mac os X demo game. You can download it from our site, . 

Know how to code for PC games? Feel free to apply, too!

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