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Ok .. here goes nothing. I’m running through a complex process of restoring my blog through a full re-install, then I’ll be combing through the database to find any malicious crap that is causing me oh so much trouble. I’ve been kidna lax with secutiry on my website, but after this I guess I’ve learned my next new trick. Time to revamp security. To anyone who reads this blog, I apologize for downtime and lack of posting, but like I said.. here’s to my next move *clings glass*.

Oh my.

So, this summer seems to have started with a lot of busyness that doesn’t seem like it will ever end o___o. I’ve gotten into a project I can’t talk too much about, and I’d just like to put it out there that if all goes as planned, it should be a pretty awesome experience for myself, david, and all others involved. I’m learning how to build a database, php, flash, more CSS, LOTS of Photoshop techniques, how to use Illustrator to make icons, the general cloud computing system which I barely use of my server and more. Goodness. And considering I’m on my own for the most part to learn this stuff, damn. I have some help with the code here thats great, but all the apps are me. Oh, and did I mention I’m supposed to come out with an iPhone app by September.. ? Yea. Lots.

Well, I’m out for now. I’ve got some new design ideas for my website that you might see in effect by February if I’m lucky.

See, it goes like this.

I don’t know why, but more and more I feel like I’m fed up with the same old stuff from school — kids that don’t get to their work, teachers assigning homework that, in all honesty, has no point except to just give something, the mis-weighting of grades. I don’t get it. Perhaps its because I’m of a select few that have already figured out other means of coping in the world, that have had a taste of success that is beyond the next McDonalds, but in any scenario, why must I go through the same motions as the kid who can’t get any kind of job? Isn’t there some way to get out of this? Read more

The Amazing, Disappearing, Re-Appearing Matt!

I think its been a pretty long time . . . months . . . since I last posted to my blog. Those of you who read this might follow my twitter feed too and would see a similar pattern.

So where have I been? Lost? No, no . . School? Only half the time. . . Band? I wish . . Web design? You got it!

This year has been primarily dominated by by web design efforts, school work, and of course, band + diving. So what will you hear about on my blog? Maybe school in the new future, but until then, web design and business.
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Design, School, More?

So now that school’s started for real, I thought I’d give a few updates on design and whats happening with school and a few of my friends.

First off, Lili [[ ]] and I are working on a sort of promo video, or introduction video to be used at a short event and perhaps many future things to come. After that, there is the new products page that was launched a couple weeks ago, and a few other minor tweaks here and there.
Now that brings me to my other projects. Read more

As the Summer Closes, Everything Else is Just Getting Going.

So I thought I should write a post sometime before the end of the summer .. and since to day is technically the last day of summer, it makes it very fitting to do a quick re-cap and wrap before school. In the beginning of the summer, I had [[NO]] idea what I had gotten myself into with Zephyrus, and then I continued with “Lili”, a new salon that I’ve written of multiple times ^^ [[]] and then Belle Reve Boutique, which is under construction and delayed due to school, and finally Midtex General. While Lili is at a stable place, Belle Reve and Midtex are just getting started.. so its time for me to stop writing and get back to work. Junior year, here I come!


Those other pictures will have to wait…

I don’t think anyone will really care besides me (:P), but those other iDay pictures will have to wait until I have some time with my camera for something personal at all. I’m currently finishing up with 99% of Lili’s website, and after that I’m going to be working with a bunch of other clients, all while staying at Lili (from what I hear … they like me a lot there :) ) … and then there is the little matter of school. yeah. That is what could get bumpy.

Oh well, you’ll be able to see all of the projects unfold here, but remember, its all property of whoever I’m working for, ‘cept for my writing, which is mine :P .


More Web Stuff; Zephyrus..

So next year I’m webmaster for Zephyrus, the school news paper. The current site was designed by Tom Lany, and is located at Its a nice basic site with good design and its easy enough to navigate. Next year, however, I’d like to start creating my own new theme for the site .. maybe more updated and such. I’ve started very BASIC work on this new site, and I did that by creating an HTML edition of some of the theme. Its a totally dead page (except the weather, which is live), but if you’re interested, its here. I did it by hand, not with dreamweaver, so it all must be re done at some point, which is fine since thats only an HTML file anyway with no CSS and such … needed for the navigation bar that will go on top. Let me know what you think .. I know its not perfect *far from*, so not too harsh, but I’d love to hear from anyone.

Free Space Desktop Thing …

here’s what i got after messing around with photoshop for a long time trying to make a space-like thing. It’s totally free to be used for what ever, as long as you let me know.Photoshop Space

Having some server issues… **UPDATED**

It seems that when I installed a script to make my website faster I am actually having things not show up on my site until four or five refreshes later. If you are reading this, than that means you are in the clear for this problem. If not, well … then your not. 

UPDATE, Thursday, November 22: I found the part of the script that was causing he issue of not updating the cache, and it is now fixed. 

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