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Little Moments

Little moments, specifically those times you should stop talking, can really be a problem if you don’t follow your first instinct to stop talking in an ever-increasing set of moments. Personally, I tend to dig way further down the hole than I even realize, only to notice moments later that I’m so deep I can’t even see daylight again.

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Sometimes life throws curves at us. Actually, it likes to do that on a daily basis. Perhaps out of enjoyment to see how we handle things, or perhaps as tests to verify how we can take care of our persons; but regardless, this does happen. Today I stand humbled by my own misdoings in life, and my own failures at becoming what I want to become in a timely manner; and I see that I have but a small fork in the road to make a choice. This time I know what to choose. It’s time to stand alone… to stand up… to stand out. I haven’t exactly understood what implications this will have; solely that it is the correct route to take. Read more

End of the Semester.

Well, this is it for school in 2011. I mean, sure, there’re finals next week, but that’s ok. That’s not the same. It’s kinda interesting to think I’ve actually managed to survive this long in a typical college environment; a place I didn’t see myself ever getting along with. Maybe it’s because it’s not the same setup I pictured or despised… or maybe feared is a better term.

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I am Matt. I do as much as possible. I'm always busy, but that's how I like it and hate it. My goal is to be the best.