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See, it goes like this.

I don’t know why, but more and more I feel like I’m fed up with the same old stuff from school — kids that don’t get to their work, teachers assigning homework that, in all honesty, has no point except to just give something, the mis-weighting of grades. I don’t get it. Perhaps its because I’m of a select few that have already figured out other means of coping in the world, that have had a taste of success that is beyond the next McDonalds, but in any scenario, why must I go through the same motions as the kid who can’t get any kind of job? Isn’t there some way to get out of this? Read more

Design, School, More?

So now that school’s started for real, I thought I’d give a few updates on design and whats happening with school and a few of my friends.

First off, Lili [[ ]] and I are working on a sort of promo video, or introduction video to be used at a short event and perhaps many future things to come. After that, there is the new products page that was launched a couple weeks ago, and a few other minor tweaks here and there.
Now that brings me to my other projects. Read more

As the Summer Closes, Everything Else is Just Getting Going.

So I thought I should write a post sometime before the end of the summer .. and since to day is technically the last day of summer, it makes it very fitting to do a quick re-cap and wrap before school. In the beginning of the summer, I had [[NO]] idea what I had gotten myself into with Zephyrus, and then I continued with “Lili”, a new salon that I’ve written of multiple times ^^ [[]] and then Belle Reve Boutique, which is under construction and delayed due to school, and finally Midtex General. While Lili is at a stable place, Belle Reve and Midtex are just getting started.. so its time for me to stop writing and get back to work. Junior year, here I come!


A (100%) Un-Official Review of EHS’s Current Jam 2008

Before writing this review, I’d like to take a moment to give what my experience is and tell you that I AM IN NO WAY A CRITIC OR PROFESSIONAL REVIEWER. What I’m writing is just my opinion.

Ok. My “experience” isn’t much, but its enough for me to see differences in between different levels in the music groups. I’ve been to every single choir concert this year, minus the opening day and last day of Current Jam. I also went to the final orchestra concert, Pops twice, and the final Concert Band concert, all of the musicals except for Midsummer Night’s Dream, and I’ve stayed with the band for all of the jazz/varsity concerts (yeah, some people leave). My point is that I’ve been to a good number of musical events, and participated in many pep-band events beyond required, and of course, all of the band concerts for symphonic band. Basically, take this review how you want to, but don’t hold me accountable for anything. I’m just having some fun with what I see and don’t see. Summary and Review after the break.

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More Web Stuff; Zephyrus..

So next year I’m webmaster for Zephyrus, the school news paper. The current site was designed by Tom Lany, and is located at Its a nice basic site with good design and its easy enough to navigate. Next year, however, I’d like to start creating my own new theme for the site .. maybe more updated and such. I’ve started very BASIC work on this new site, and I did that by creating an HTML edition of some of the theme. Its a totally dead page (except the weather, which is live), but if you’re interested, its here. I did it by hand, not with dreamweaver, so it all must be re done at some point, which is fine since thats only an HTML file anyway with no CSS and such … needed for the navigation bar that will go on top. Let me know what you think .. I know its not perfect *far from*, so not too harsh, but I’d love to hear from anyone.

Last Saturday’s Game (hockey)

Well .. again, it’s been a while since a post, so i figured I could mention going to the Hornets Hockey Game last Saturday. So I went with CJ and Alice. CJ had box seats. It’s kinda funny … but my first time going to the Excel center was on Friday, with the band, and then to come back the next day to the Exec. Suites… a little difference. The had good seats, tho, because we were right in the front watching the peoples play and slam into the wall.

So even though we lost on Saturday, I still had fun and I took a couple pictures. I don’t feel like (nor can I right now) importing the pictures from my camera to the comptuer, but I can post the one picture I took on my phone … and I will.

On friday, Edina won 5 to 4 in over time… and on saturday, Edina lost 3 to 0. Friday’s game had a higher attendence by something close to a thousand people. Friday’s attendence of 19,000 something also happened to be the record for a Hockey Game attendence in the state of Minnesota. Fun.

Pic from box : photo1.jpg

Post 7A


Luminescence(343):The emission of light by a substance that has not been heated, as in fluorescence and phosphorescence.

Prelude(349):An action or event serving as an introduction to something more important


Irony: How ironic. Spider has an army of spiders *to fight Tiger with*.

Irony: When Charlie went to dinner at his hotel… Daisy *who Charlie had no idea was there at all* happened to be there before they opened, too.

Symbolic: The way Spider reacts to his to tongue being gone is symbolic of a story that was told earlier in the book of this god who had to grow a liver everyday because his liver was taken everyday.



“I fixed things, for us, I think. I’m not really sure. . . .”

The significance of this quote is that it is near the end, where Charlie was able to save himself and Spider by singing a song he made on the spot about all that had happened. Spider was standing there waiting to die … but instead found himself completely safe. Just before this quote, Spider had said “What was happening at the end? I could feel you doing something, but I couldn’t really tell what it was..”. This is where Charlie had somehow managed to make Tiger go back to his cave and that seems to be what Spider could feel *the energy*.

Post 7B

My response to the end of the book.  

My final response to the end of this book is wow. I loved this book and i didn’t see so many of the things that happened coming. I can’t talk too much about what happened because i would be very capable of wrecking the end. One of the things that continues to surprise me through all of Neil’s books is his level of detail that can even become frightening at some points. When Spider had his tongue cut out… the entire room was well described as well as Spider chained and bleeding *which was described in MUCH greater detail… but this is pg*. Charlie and Daisy end up together … but im not saying how. In fact, things have changed enough by the end that Charlie even helps save Rosie’s dying mother. Tiger doesn’t win, of course, but Anansi’s blood line does. I really think this is a book well worth reading for fun or any reason at all.

Post 6 B

Response through page 297My response to the book thus far hasn’t changed much. The biggest changes in my response involve how I am reacting to Rosie and her mother going into Coats home, not knowing that he has killed someone **they have been on the cruse for that whole thing**, and then that they missed their boat because of Coats. The thing that is most interesting is the fact that After the book talked about Coats watching their boat go off in the distance, they change back to where Charlie is and what he is doing. I assume that I’ll know their reaction within the next few pages, but I haven’t read that far into the next chapter, yet. I’m kinda starting to worry about spider, because he has been taken by the bird creature that wanted to kill him and Charlie, and he is currently in the process of being tortured. Fun. Spider acts like he’s holing up ok, but he also seems to know that he is doing worse off then he can feel. I would assume that he s freed in the next couple of chapters, but at the same time, I only read ahead so much …

Post 6A


Bleat(294):Make a characteristic wavering cry

Duppy(288):A malevolent spirit or ghost.

Personification:The earth sat silent and still.

Irony:It’s really ironic that Rosie and her mother happen to be staying on St. Andrews in the exact spot of Coats. Not only that, but they happen to see him and then he invites them in to his mansion.

Symbolic: When Anansi meets Maeve while taking a walk from his grave, he talks to her and then begins to ask her to dance. She tells him she’s a married woman .. and he says “to death do us part” aka. not anymore. This is symbolic of Anansi’s usual wittiness.


“I’m getting too old for this shi*”(276).

The significance of this quote is in where it was said. Daisy wanted to catch Coats. She wanted to make it more personal than it was, because she had an idea of what had gone on with him (framing Charlie), and there was nothing she was allowed to do because it was known that he was out of the country under a fake name with difficult to trace accounts. Daisy had thought about saying this all day, however it wasn’t until she was told she didn’t have any holiday time left (that she would have used to fly to the location of Coats) that she actually decided to say it. After saying it, she then said she was going to catch a crook.

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