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A Candle That Will Have Shed a Brief, But Lovely Light.

I’m the most open, reserved person you’ll ever meet. Today I watched part of some documentary about a TV show host and magician who was one of the biggest stars in the 50s / 60s and helped put CBS on top. He was “the most confident” person in show business, and if you wanted to talk to him about the show or ideas or anything, he’d go on for hours with you. Bring in his personal life, and you’d realize exactly how reserved he was.

Ah well.

Little Moments

Little moments, specifically those times you should stop talking, can really be a problem if you don’t follow your first instinct to stop talking in an ever-increasing set of moments. Personally, I tend to dig way further down the hole than I even realize, only to notice moments later that I’m so deep I can’t even see daylight again.

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I just happened to remember the following lyrics from a song…

A simple life’s my cup of tea
I don’t need nobody but me
What I wouldn’t give just to be left alone

I wanna be a millionaire someday
And know what it feels like to give it away
Watch me march to the beat of my own drum


Sound about right. Just saying.



Sometimes life throws curves at us. Actually, it likes to do that on a daily basis. Perhaps out of enjoyment to see how we handle things, or perhaps as tests to verify how we can take care of our persons; but regardless, this does happen. Today I stand humbled by my own misdoings in life, and my own failures at becoming what I want to become in a timely manner; and I see that I have but a small fork in the road to make a choice. This time I know what to choose. It’s time to stand alone… to stand up… to stand out. I haven’t exactly understood what implications this will have; solely that it is the correct route to take. Read more

End of the Semester.

Well, this is it for school in 2011. I mean, sure, there’re finals next week, but that’s ok. That’s not the same. It’s kinda interesting to think I’ve actually managed to survive this long in a typical college environment; a place I didn’t see myself ever getting along with. Maybe it’s because it’s not the same setup I pictured or despised… or maybe feared is a better term.

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The Continuing Saga of the Disappearing, Reappearing Matt

I’d like to point out that it seems to be a theme of mine – I have a high tendency to start doing great numbers of things, doing them well hopefully, and then suddenly dropping of into nothingness where the world feels as if I’ve disappeared from it all. One such recent example is my attempt of the 365 project again. It lasted just over a month, about triple the length of my first attempt, but suddenly and without reason, I stopped posting photos.

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Photo of the month

I only hope it counts for something. 5000 Pops photos, 1000 girl’s basket ball photos, and a few random ones inbetween. How many photos have I managed to post this month? Well, until yesterday, 0.

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