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365 Photo (day 2)

So here it is — The second day of the new year. What do I have to say for that? Unfortunately, very little, but I’ll post said photo as is.Dust coats a once pristine chandelier.

Photo 365 — A Borrowed Idea To Improve

Now that I have real access to a dlsr, I am able to participate in such a concept — the photo of the day. While I have trouble keeping up with these ideas, I figure I’ll give it a shot in attempt to improve my photography and other such skills with my 7D. So here it is — the first photo. This photo is a silly concept that was given to me by a co-worker … but at the same time, is intriguing to me. It’s the pinhole camera, only digital. The only change I’ve made to the photo is to overlay a color gradient that was taken with no lens at all. The pinhole image itself is quite grey-colored.

Pinhole Experiment

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