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Texture | Color.

Today has been a day of thinking. Thinking about the closest thing to a theme that I could stick to for the year.For the year? No… I don’t think I could do that…. but, perhaps a month. Yes. A month. So this month, from today until the 31st of January, I shall choose the theme of texture. I’ve got a lot of ideas on what to do with texture, and a lot of places I know to look. Yes, it’ll be tough sometimes without a macro lens, but I’m sure I can make due, especially after editing. So, without further a-do, I present to you, “color.”Color.

Wordbook? Let’s find out.

Here’s a test post. Why? Becuase I’ve finally installed wordbook, a plugin that lets my blog post from wordpress to facebook automatically. If it actually works, this might just be the best thing since sliced bread.

365 Photo (day 2)

So here it is — The second day of the new year. What do I have to say for that? Unfortunately, very little, but I’ll post said photo as is.Dust coats a once pristine chandelier.

Photo 365 — A Borrowed Idea To Improve

Now that I have real access to a dlsr, I am able to participate in such a concept — the photo of the day. While I have trouble keeping up with these ideas, I figure I’ll give it a shot in attempt to improve my photography and other such skills with my 7D. So here it is — the first photo. This photo is a silly concept that was given to me by a co-worker … but at the same time, is intriguing to me. It’s the pinhole camera, only digital. The only change I’ve made to the photo is to overlay a color gradient that was taken with no lens at all. The pinhole image itself is quite grey-colored.

Pinhole Experiment

Who Am I (A Whole New Beginning)?

Hello there. My name is Matt, Mathieu, and Matthias. I’m just a guy who’s trying to make his way in a world with oh so many people. I can code xml, html, css, java, a little php, a little action-script, a little sql, pascal, and I’m learning more. I’m a user of photoshop, dreamweaver, flash (sometimes..), In Design, Soundbooth, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor, Aperture, Lightroom, and countless other “professional” programs. I like to pretend I’m a genius, but I know that title will quickly evaporate if I don’t keep up.

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Ok .. here goes nothing. I’m running through a complex process of restoring my blog through a full re-install, then I’ll be combing through the database to find any malicious crap that is causing me oh so much trouble. I’ve been kidna lax with secutiry on my website, but after this I guess I’ve learned my next new trick. Time to revamp security. To anyone who reads this blog, I apologize for downtime and lack of posting, but like I said.. here’s to my next move *clings glass*.

Video crew for Hire

Play a sport that needs photography? Want quality video recordings at bargain prices? For a mere $50/game, we’ll capture your moment! Matt Norris and David Kasyanyuk, seniors at Edina High School, are willing and able to do what ever you need, for whatever sport you’d like! We have specific experience recording basketball, lacrosse and swimming, and would be happy to record your sport too! Sounds like a deal? Comment below for inquires!

Zephyrus, website and more.

Well, I’ve kinda poofed off of this site for a while.. between that summer project I’ve mentioned and working with John Risken on the Zephyrus website (which is being built to spec thanks to the massive effort from John), and the start of senior year (what?!), its just been hectic. I’d like to mention on this posting that I decided to write it, specifically for John, to give him the idea of how word press’s “read more” link system works. So, without further ado, here it is. Read more

Oh my.

So, this summer seems to have started with a lot of busyness that doesn’t seem like it will ever end o___o. I’ve gotten into a project I can’t talk too much about, and I’d just like to put it out there that if all goes as planned, it should be a pretty awesome experience for myself, david, and all others involved. I’m learning how to build a database, php, flash, more CSS, LOTS of Photoshop techniques, how to use Illustrator to make icons, the general cloud computing system which I barely use of my server and more. Goodness. And considering I’m on my own for the most part to learn this stuff, damn. I have some help with the code here thats great, but all the apps are me. Oh, and did I mention I’m supposed to come out with an iPhone app by September.. ? Yea. Lots.

Well, I’m out for now. I’ve got some new design ideas for my website that you might see in effect by February if I’m lucky.

See, it goes like this.

I don’t know why, but more and more I feel like I’m fed up with the same old stuff from school — kids that don’t get to their work, teachers assigning homework that, in all honesty, has no point except to just give something, the mis-weighting of grades. I don’t get it. Perhaps its because I’m of a select few that have already figured out other means of coping in the world, that have had a taste of success that is beyond the next McDonalds, but in any scenario, why must I go through the same motions as the kid who can’t get any kind of job? Isn’t there some way to get out of this? Read more

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