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Photo of the month

I only hope it counts for something. 5000 Pops photos, 1000 girl’s basket ball photos, and a few random ones inbetween. How many photos have I managed to post this month? Well, until yesterday, 0.

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Pops: a zillion photos.

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Day 8, on the 28th.

So I’ve actually been using this picture as my desktop background for a week now, but I meant to post it as photo of the day back when I took it. I guess that’s what happens when you’re behind, huh? Snowflakes are a lot like people, each one carefully made in the right conditions, taking time to make their way to the world, and finally, if everything worked out, they’re all completely unique, yet the same. So here’s my attempt to capture the feeling of fine, fresh snow on glass.

Fine Fresh Snow

Fine Fresh Snow

Day 7

Sister. Ah yes. And the Toby puppy. Well, he’s not really a puppy anymore; but he likes to think so. He also likes to pose for photos…most of the time. He’s kinda fascinated by the camera/ the sounds it makes. So I took a full series of pictures like this using my pop-up flash and a reflector, and ta-da. See, those pop-ups aren’t so useless after all :) .

Day 6.

Lili hair style, based off a photo in the back room. I’d explain more, but I’m in a haste to put this up, unfortunately. I’ll post a more edited version later tonight ( hopefully ). So here it is.

Oh for goodness sake.

That’s about how I feel. I keep taking pictures with the intent they’ll make it as picture of the day, and I keep not linking them / not finishing them, leaving my project further behind and my hard drive further cluttered. Gah. That said, I have day 6 completed, just not with me. I’ll be up later. I hope.

Day 5ish. Late. Doh.

It’s been a long several days. I’ve worked at Lili in the day (, gone to school at Normandale around 6, gone home to work until the next 6, and slept for a little bit. It’s crazy productive, but man does the week feel like forever when that happens. I’ve taken photos daily, not all that I like, really. and I’ve missed some photos too. Here’s one I meant to upload about 3 days ago. Every day, Yoyo has dozens of custom doughnuts lined up in a nice little window to temps all who dare enter. They’re made from scratch daily; ranging from simple glazed doughnuts, to maple glazed long-johns, with thick slabs of freshly cooked bacon on top. With that, I’ll present the not so special, but familiar, image of old-fashioned doughnuts.Old-fashioned doughnuts lay waiting in their case.

Day……4? Yea. . . .sorta.

The 50mm lens. Not only a very good focal distance, but an excellent choice for a budget low-aperture lens. That said, I’ve been obsessing over the super shallow depth of field, which led to this next picture. It’s nothing special, and really not all that interesting, but it’s the picture of day 4 because it is. Oh, and here’a picture of jeana too. Because she’s pretty in the light. And everywhere else too. But this one is because it is. I’m lacking explanation today….

Once upon a time, this was my home.

A worm-wood table in the sunlight.

The amazing Jeana

Isn't she pretty? Sunlight can have that effect on pretty girls...

It’s been a rough couple days.

Sleep is needed yet, and unfortunately, I’m behind three days now. That kills the three day streak — here’s hoping for the rest of the year.


So, here I am… day 5, sick…to explain where my day 4 photo went…. and I plan to post today’s and last night’s pictures tonight yet. ┬áStay tuned.

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