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MNT/JBP Demo Game Version 1.2 Available for Download!

I’ve posted the link before, so just scroll a bit and you’ll find it…but the newest version is now available!

This version includes an all-new level 5 and a package installer so you just have to click continue to install (instead of going through the dragging process to put it in you apps folder)! **NOTE** As I have entered in a contest for some free high-quality icons, I need to keep that post first for a while…so this post IS BACKDATED!!
ACTUALL UPDATE TIME: 11:11PM 9.12.07 .

More Game Development….Forums Gone Stale?

I’m still working on the os X game available for free download at…and have decided that once I reach 8 levels I will no longer update the free version, but wait until the $6 full version (with 15 levels) is introduced. Hurry and get a copy while they are still the most current and free!  

On another note, my forums have kinda stopped moving. I would really like people to signup…because it’s free and there is no reason not to just post a few things. You can sign up at . Invite friends and get them to post and you can earn special abilities (such as the ability to make polls).

I guess I was ahead?

For English 10, we have been asked to create a blog (no myspace and such allowed). I made this blog 2 weeks ago (or so). I guess this is going to stay, now that I am using it for a class! 

Gaming development!!

I have decided to join Jon Bjorlie to create PC and Mac games! We’re off to a great start so far, and I’ve even made a Mac os X demo game. You can download it from our site, . 

Know how to code for PC games? Feel free to apply, too!

I figured out how to make a sub-domain!!

 Yay!! I finally figured out what I did wrong, so now I can leave FreeWebSpace for good! All power to my server!!


About Me:

Name: Matt Norris

City: Edina

State: MN

Job: MNTcomputers Technician/President

Reason for blog: I’m writing this blog to keep track of things I do. I tend to forget alot, so it won’t be uncommon to see my homework listed here once school starts. I’m going into 10th grade at EHS, so this blog might become a bit cluttered at times. Feel free to comment on my blog…but know it will be monitored and will be changing themes and code often.


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I am Matt. I do as much as possible. I'm always busy, but that's how I like it and hate it. My goal is to be the best.