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Last Saturday’s Game (hockey)

Well .. again, it’s been a while since a post, so i figured I could mention going to the Hornets Hockey Game last Saturday. So I went with CJ and Alice. CJ had box seats. It’s kinda funny … but my first time going to the Excel center was on Friday, with the band, and then to come back the next day to the Exec. Suites… a little difference. The had good seats, tho, because we were right in the front watching the peoples play and slam into the wall.

So even though we lost on Saturday, I still had fun and I took a couple pictures. I don’t feel like (nor can I right now) importing the pictures from my camera to the comptuer, but I can post the one picture I took on my phone … and I will.

On friday, Edina won 5 to 4 in over time… and on saturday, Edina lost 3 to 0. Friday’s game had a higher attendence by something close to a thousand people. Friday’s attendence of 19,000 something also happened to be the record for a Hockey Game attendence in the state of Minnesota. Fun.

Pic from box : photo1.jpg

Free Space Desktop Thing …

here’s what i got after messing around with photoshop for a long time trying to make a space-like thing. It’s totally free to be used for what ever, as long as you let me know.Photoshop Space

Reading: Tuesday, November 20th, Post A

2 vocabulary words that you found in the book (with page numbers). Define them in the blog.

3 examples of figurative language (irony, personification, imagery, metaphor, symbol, simile, onomatopoeia, etc.) and how you know it is that literary element.
Pick a quote from the reading and explain its significance (include page number).
Write a sentence in which you describe one emerging theme of the book.

My 2 Vocabulary words:
All definitions courtesy of, with resources of the Oxford American Dictionary

Oncology (11): the study and treatment of tumors.

Skittish (56): lively and unpredictable; playful.

3 examples of figurative language:

Irony: When Fat Charlie calls his old neighbor, to have her call his father and invite him to his wedding, he finds out she had been trying to call him to tell him that his father was dead.

Onomatopoeia: …and there was a gentle *click* as he hung up the phone. — I know that’s an onomatopoeia because it is a sound being named.

Imagery: The casket was a glorious thing, made of what looked like heavy-duty, reinforced steel, gunmetal grey.

Quote from the book: In the event of the glorious resurrection, thought Fat Charlie, when Gabriel blows his mighty horn and the dead escape from their coffins, his father was going to be stuck in his grave, banging away futilely at the lid, wishing that he had been buried with a crowbar and possibly an oxyacetylene torch. (25)

Significance: This is how Fat Charlie thought of his dad. He never liked his dad much because he did things to humiliate him (like call him Fat Charlie, which everyone then called him even though he was thin)

Theme so far: Charlie is going to get married in the next few months, and he no longer has any direct family.

Last weekend…

Last weekend I made a nice round to a guy who sells Vault 12-paks at a good price… and I ended up with 10 of them (+1 diet cherry coke). Here’s a picture:

What else …. I got to start a 1995 computer (see below pics), learn how to disassemble and reassemble a Nintendo DS in need of repair (see pics), and clean (no pics of that!).
Some of these pictures are kinda odd… and I really wish I had taken more of the DS once it was fully apart.
img_0079.JPG img_0081.JPG img_0077.JPG

For what it’s worth, that computer isn’t made by Apple, but Motorola (yes, the cell phone company). The computer is a moderately rare “motorola mac” which were like PCs in the way that Apple allowed many companies to build Macs for a while.


Well, no, I didn’t go to any parties (turned peoples down to homework), but I did do one good thing: I dressed as a burrito! Maybe some of you know, but from 5pm-close Chipotle was giving free burritos to all who dressed in foil! Burrito vs. party… burrito wins!!

Edit: I couldn’t help but to add the picture I took…

Band : Soccer Finals

yea, we lost… but it doesn’t mean the band didn’t have any fun : ) ! Oh, and really, there weren’t that many of us there considering we were at the finals…<br>img_0070.JPG  img_0071.JPG  img_0072.JPG

My Friday Night….

I’ll be at southdale. Why? Tomorrow is the day Mac os X 10.5 Leopard is released…the next big thing since the iPhone!! Good thing they will have web access there so I can do my english in line…countdown

More Forum Construction…Finally Getting Results!!

Well… now that it’s been about a week without my forums being available I’ve finally seen results!! I was able to sucessfully restore 99% of the forums to the previous state..and the only things missing are avatars and the RC7 update (you know, the one that caused all of this is the first place)! Today, before I do more homework, I will try installing the update AGAIN. If this doesn’t work, I still have my backup, but it might be a while before I have the time to do real work again.

You can view The Forums at [] … and you can view progress updates here.
Thanks for support and such,

Before I Do My English Blog Post…

Here is an interesting tid-bit:

Of my entire first hour class, 27 people, only five of them, six including myself, have done their blog posts for the last week. What happened to the other 21 people? Well, about 1/3-1/2 of them did week 3 posts…and the rest either haven’t posted at all or only did the first assignment. First off, I’d like to congratulate the 5 other people who did their posting…and I hope they find this one ok. Next off, I am gonna hate to see the complaints when Mr. Hatten does his grade updates and just half of the class will be passing. I do realize that these posts are time consuming, and they really are longer than they should be for homework with no in-class work time…but how hard is it to write a summary and click post? Oh well…I guess it’s not mine to argue…my post in coming in about 1-2 hours for week five, so stay tuned if you need to comment!

Attached you will find a picture of the 5 people that have posted updates. NOTE: this is a picture so you CAN NOT copy and paste the links. If you need the links, please goto Mr. Hatten’s blog at [] picture-4.png

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