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Leo Canceled his icon giveaway :(

Well…since leo didn’t get as many entries as he hoped, he canceled the giveaway that has caused  me to edit sooooo many time stamps… oh well… maybe I’ll do a giveaway when I complete my icon set :)

Ongoing Developments on Site and Game!

Well… it’s been a couple of weeks since I last updated Attack of the Snowmen Demo…but I’m pleased to say that I have level 7 nearly complete. When I release the next version, it will be version 1.5.2 instead of 1.4 … this is because I will be changing other levels to reflect what the final levels will look like. I still need feedback to keep improving the game and sound!! 

Interested in programing for the PC or Mac with us? Contact us!! []

Entry for Icon Giveaway!!

Leo Mancini has created a set of stock web icons, distributed by pixelstorms. His icons are royalty free and cost $100 for 100 icons. These icons are great, so it’s worth a minute to head over there and look at them!

Game updates…new icon!!

NOTE!! This message has a modified time stamp!! Actual post date: Thursday, September 20th, 2007.

My game in progress, which is being created for Jon Bjorlie Productions, has been updated to version 1.3c, now complete with an installer and a whole now icon!! I decided that I wanted to change the icon, but couldn’t find what I wanted, so I made one that I think looks great (though I do have to change it already…). I attached the icon to this post so you can see it. To download my free demo, go to and select demos! Hurry though, because when I hit version 1.5 I will stop updating the demos, period!**note: this is a mac os X game**

MNT/JBP Demo Game Version 1.2 Available for Download!

I’ve posted the link before, so just scroll a bit and you’ll find it…but the newest version is now available!

This version includes an all-new level 5 and a package installer so you just have to click continue to install (instead of going through the dragging process to put it in you apps folder)! **NOTE** As I have entered in a contest for some free high-quality icons, I need to keep that post first for a while…so this post IS BACKDATED!!
ACTUALL UPDATE TIME: 11:11PM 9.12.07 .

More Game Development….Forums Gone Stale?

I’m still working on the os X game available for free download at…and have decided that once I reach 8 levels I will no longer update the free version, but wait until the $6 full version (with 15 levels) is introduced. Hurry and get a copy while they are still the most current and free!  

On another note, my forums have kinda stopped moving. I would really like people to signup…because it’s free and there is no reason not to just post a few things. You can sign up at . Invite friends and get them to post and you can earn special abilities (such as the ability to make polls).

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